Spending time at home with the loved one

House Hotel will deliver a space where you can cook, relax on a couch,
go out in a car, and stay comfortably with your family and loved ones.


It is a hotel where the entire building can be reserved. Located close to the city center of Sapporo, this hotel can be enjoyed by a large number of people for events such as anniversary trips, family trips, and group trips.


We have abundant facilities unique to renting an entire building.
All rooms are equipped with IH cooking heaters and dishwashers, home appliances,
kitchen utensils, bathrooms, etc. Please spend a comfortable time with complete facilities.

  • LCD TV








  • Tourism 01

    Sapporo Clock Tower

    The official name is the clock tower of the drill hall of the "former Sapporo Agricultural College," which was a facility of the Sapporo Agricultural College, the predecessor of Hokkaido University. This building, which was actively used as an educational facility, military facility, and a municipal library during the Showa era, was designated as a national important cultural property in June 1970. After undergoing several restorations, it is still loved as a tourist spot that represents Sapporo City and as a clock tower that tells the time to the city residents. The “red stars” found on the outer wall of the clock tower are the symbols of the pioneers, and there are 17 of them in all.

  • Tourism 02

    Odori Park

    This is an oasis in an office district surrounded by about 4,700 trees such as lilac and Japanese elm (Ulmus davidiana var. japonica). The predecessor of Odori Park was a fire prevention line that was built in 1871 and divides central Sapporo into north and south. Even if it is called a park, it is actually a road. A place of relaxation that is usually laid-back, it is also a venue for events that represent Hokkaido. In addition to the “Sapporo Snow Festival,” Hokkaido's representative winter event, it is used as a venue to hold various events such as the “Lilac Festival” and the “Yosakoi Soran Festival,” in spring, beer gardens in summer, and the “Autumn Fest” in fall.

  • Tourism 03

    Tanukikoji Shopping Street

    Located between Odori Park and Susukino, the lively Tanukikoji, which stretches for about 900m from east to west, is a shopping district with a history of over 100 years. It is connected by an arcade and can be used on rainy or snowy days without worrying about the weather. From Nishi 1 to Nishi 6-chome, there are various facilities such as drug stores, restaurants, hotels, arcades, and souvenir shops. Furthermore, there are many unique izakaya and restaurants that locals frequent in Nishi 7 and 8-chome. It is a representative shopping street that should never be missed in doing the sights in Sapporo.

  • Tourism 04

    Otaru Canal

    It is the most popular tourist attraction in Otaru. Since it was built by reclaiming the offshore of the coast, its feature is that it is gently curved rather than straight. Scattered along the canal are stone warehouses and historic buildings, creating a romantic atmosphere. It is recommended that you take a walk along the canal or take a cruise ship. It is the best photo spot where you can enjoy different scenery in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

  • Tourism 05


    The Furano area in the center of Hokkaido is famous for its summer lavender fields. You can enjoy being enveloped in the refreshing scent of lavender while gazing at the hills dyed purple. Besides lavender, it is dotted with many colorful flower fields where various varieties of flowers are planted. It is a tourist destination that you can go to on a day trip from Sapporo in a rental car, and you should never miss it if you are traveling to Hokkaido in summer.

  • Tourism 06

    Sapporo Snow Festival

    The Sapporo Snow Festival, the king of winter festivals, is a snow and ice festival held in Odori Park and other locations in the center of Sapporo. It is a big winter event in Sapporo, where you can enjoy big and small snow sculptures, ice sculptures, Hokkaido food, stage events, etc. In Odori Park, which is the main venue, there are many large snow sculptures that transcend imagination. The Tsudome venue is replete with snow activities such as slides and snow rafts that families with children can enjoy.